In my neighbourhood.


After many hot days, we finally had a afternoon where it was a perfect temperature to get out and explore. We took advantage of this beautiful afternoon and ventured out for a walk around our surrounding streets. This walk usually takes us around 30 minutes but this day we were gone for almost an hour.


We looked at all the flowers hanging over picket fences and chatted to the cows in small paddocks which are dotted throughout our little town. The boys stopped and played with kids they had just met (as kids do!) and I chatted and waved to friends along the way. Amongst all this I took photos while Sonny rode his bike and Wil held my hand and walked beside me. There is a beautiful sense of community in our small town something I wasn’t aware of and also something I didn’t realize I would love. But I do.


In less than 2 weeks we will move to the neighbouring country town. We will leave this small community for another small community with which we are already very much apart of. This will be our forever town and I cant wait to see the adventures our little family have there.


Liz x


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