Wednesday 4th February

This is by far our FAVOURITE and most used kitchen appliance. The best coffee shops are in Leeds and we don’t get the chance to head in there too often,  its a real treat when we do so Luke is becoming quite the barista.

edited coffee

I put the lady down for a sleep and thought id enjoy some fresh toasted sour dough (artisan bread is a real novelty here as well) and a home made flat white, in my favourite eva solo cup (Scandinavian design is also a favourite in this house, lucky for me I have family in Stockholm)

edited toast

And in true motherhood style, my relaxing time never eventuated. The lady decided not to sleep, at just over 2 and a half im praying she isn’t going to drop the day time nap yet, im going to need that nap time in 4 weeks when our family of 3 becomes 4!  So instead of enjoying time out in my newly decorated dining room, im drawing an under the sea world…..

edited roxy

i do love these Playon crayons though….



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