Oh to be 3

My number 1  was 3 last week and I’m still in disbelief. How is my first little baby now such a little girl.

She is becoming an amazing, crazy, clever, independent, imaginitive, and beautiful girl inside and out. Don’t get me wrong she is my little defiant wild thing and can keep me on my toes but she is also very caring, gentle and precious. She is fiercely protective, calls me darling and sweetheart and showers constant love on her new baby sister and her ever-present bear, Brian.

 She is a princess, a ballerina, a wrestler, a swimmer, a singer, a chef,sometimes a mermaid, and the best at avoiding bed time, when she wakes she tells me she slept for years and years and will wake us with a kiss, and the occasional book in the face. She says ‘wiln’t’ instead of won’t, which when you think about it makes sense,  I think it’s too cute to correct her.

We tried to choose presents that would last, not many toys, we like things that encourage her to role play and use her imagination and I like to limit the amount of plastic as much as possible. I also like things to look nice and fit with our adult interior so im in love with her new bean bag (there is very little pink in my house) We got her lots of things for the garden, hoola hoop, Boules, giant chalk and a new (secondhand) playhouse, so if warm weather ever decides to grace us she will be set.

She had fantastic birthday celebrations which we dragged out for a few days. She had a giant balloon, decorations and a bestie here to play for the day, the whole family went to Disney on Ice (Marlowe had a great time in the sling) we had friends over for a BBQ, with compulsory pass the parcel and we had cake, lots of cake. For 4 days she woke up asking if her party things were still in the lounge-room, they were.

At the end of it all we had a very exhausted and very happy 3-year-old.


DSC_6749DSC_6750       DSC_6752

DSC_6758 DSC_6768



DSC_6858had to put one of my Marlowe in here too


DSC_6962 DSC_6970 DSC_6979 DSC_6989


This one sums it up, oh to be 3 again.



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