a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

Week 39 Roxy web

Roxy – a quiet moment. We have moved the computer downstairs as it was gathering dust in the spare room and really only getting used when i edit some photos ( and im sure the tapping of the keys wakes Marlowe up who is so sensitive!)  Roxy loves the new screen saver, its in the style of an old school flip alarm clock and she thinks its magic and loves figuring out what the numbers are, its actually going to be really good for her number recognition.

She is also more likely to draw than colour in, she is getting good and can be very creative at times, Humpty Dumpty is a favourite and gets drawn a lot but today she drew this and coloured him in, which is very rare…..

Week 39 Roxy extra web

she may not have been responsible for naming him

Week 39 Marlowe web

Marlowe – Who is excited for holidays…. Marlowe

Who is excited to get to meet all her family and Australian friends….Marlowe

Who is excited to escape the cold and not wear fleecy suits to bed…. Marlowe

Who is excited for babysitters……. Mummy and Daddy

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a portrait of my girls once a week every week

week 38 roxy web 2

Roxy – other than the ever present Brian ( our world as we know it would cease to exist if we ever lost him) there is a different favourite toy every day and the games associated with each one vary. Today its Peter rabbit and they are having sleeps with some seriously aggressive snoring going on.

Week 38 Marlowe web

Marlowe – always has smiles for her sister, even when Roxy is having a tantrum..which is rapidly followed by ‘its not funny Marlowe’ and a fresh bout of tears

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom

(only 1 more weekly post in the UK then its off to oz for 6 weeks!)