Sisters : May

sisters may web

First time walking together and holding hands

surely not the last

(I obviously can’t take the credit for this shot, that goes to mum)

Bolton Abbey, Skipton, United Kingdom




I am really behind!

I planned on posting my photos while we were on holidays but sick kids and general busy-ness meant there was no time to sit at a computer! So prepare to be bombarded.

a portrait of my girls once a week every week

week 40 roxy webRoxy – first day at Nan’s!  playing in Roxy’s Cafe World which evolved over time to be Roxy’s Rainbow Cafe World.The menu consisted of chicken nuggets and fish fingers and chips, strawberry pancakes, ice cream, juice and flat whites.

week 40 roxy fort 1 web

My family built Roxy a fort at Mums ( Roxy’s rainbow cafe world). It’s so great and in a beautiful shaded and peaceful spot. And what kid doesn’t need a David Bowie face hole to complete their fort ( an homage to dad). week 40 roxy fort 2 web

week 40 marlowe web

Marlowe – matching her shirt to her beach towel, taking in the scenery and the jet lag.

Nan’s House, Lochinvar, NSW, Australia


My Unit

I have so much love for my little family unit. A side effect of being over here for so long and having kids over here away from family and lots of our closest friends is how dependent we become on each other and very independent of anyone else. We miss home and the people associated with it dearly, some days so much it hurts and we are getting closer and closer to making the decision to move back, BUT most days this is all I need.

sunday spare room sunday spare room 4 sunday spare room 3 week 38 roxy web