a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 42 Roxy web

Roxy – blonde braids

essential playing hairdo so im not doing her hair a million times a day

week 42 Marlowe web

Marlowe – Australia has good bread!

Lochinvar, NSW, Australia




a portrait of my girls once a week every week 
week 33 Roxy web.Roxy – an absolute lover of ice cream

The Fleece Inn, Addingham, North Yorkshire, UK

week 33 Marlowe web

Marlowe-  a theme to the 33 week post, started on solids and loving them

Photo credit to Liz

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom




‘a portrait of my girls once a week every week’

Roxy- Spring is on its way so after a trip to the garden centre, for Roxy to choose pink flowers, her and

Nan have brightened up our deck.

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom


Marlowe- enjoying a brief awake moment on the fleece

time is flying and she is 2 weeks already, and she has put on over half a pound or just over 200g!

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom

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Italian Dreaming

 It’s a Throw Back Thursday post to our 3 week Italian road trip. It feels like it never happened but it was only in October.

38 weeks pregnant, braxton hicks galore and sipping on raspberry leaf I’m  dreaming of sunshine and gelato.

Ice cream 2 edited-2

Giolitti, on Via Uffici del Vicario was one of the best, and so it should be, being the oldest ice cream parlour in the city. Pistachio ( you can tell the quality by the colour, too green means awful) and  Stracciatella are the flavours I couldn’t go past for the entire trip.

Ice cream edited

Roxy was also in heaven, relaxing in Piazza di Monte Citorio with ‘pink’ being her go to.

on daddys shoulders-6

With the evenings getting ever so slightly lighter here maybe just maybe I can start pretending sunshine and warmth, blue skies and bare arms will be here soon.

( can’t wait to get her back in this Mini Rodini jumpsuit either)