Our Favourite Books – The Burgmann Edition

I’m not a big reader of books, I’m more of a magazine girl. Don’t get me wrong I love to give books as well as reading interiors books, but novels are not my thing. To my surprise Wil and Sonny love books. Wil can be found numerous times a day buried deep into anything written. He really likes the Guinness book of records and his Lego club magazines, he’s a sponge for information. Sonny also really enjoys books, but he has his favourites and we tend to read them over and over! I have been know to place them in a high spot to give them a rest shhhh….

Heres a few of Wil’s favourites. Some are gifts and some from the library. Wil is 6 and started reading chapter books at Christmas.


The 26 Storey Treehouse by Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths. This is a series of four books so far the 13, 26, 39 and 52 Storey Treehouse. Wil cant wait for the next one due to be realeased in September 2015 its called The 65 Storey Treehouse.

Boyz Rule – A great introduction to chapter books for young boys. This is a whole series of adventures all relatable for the young reader.

The Twits by Roald Dahl – A classic from my childhood, I love that he’s now reading it.


The Day The Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers. We gave this book to Wil for his 6th birthday and I love it. Its really funny and so clever, we always have a laugh when we read it. I highly recommend it.

Felix The Fire Engine. This was Wils when he was little. Its now been passed on to Sonny (age 3) and we have added to the series and now have Hannah the Helicopter, Mike the police Motorcycle and Amber the Ambulance. They have a section at the back explaining the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency.

Ninja School is Really Cool Illustrated by Wil Burgmann! Wil received this book for Christmas from Granma and Pop. It is so awesome, it has a story written, as well as plain white pages ready for colour, pictures and the readers artistic flair. Wil decided to use black pencil throughout the book and I think its just perfect. I loved seeing the way he interpretated the story and its something we will keep forever. Its such a good present and can be purchased from Willows Home Traders in Maitland.




Wide Awake Jake – This was Wils when he was little, its a really good story to scare away the bed bugs.

Time For Bed By Mem Fox. Another from Wils baby/toddler years. My absolute favourite as Wil and I read this together every night. A sentimental book which I now enjoy reading with Sonny.

Don’t Throw That Away is a lift the flap book for little greenies. It gives you ideas of how to reduce, reuse and recycle what you may of thrown away. Sonny loves the surprises behind the flaps and I love the message its giving to our next generation. It was a gift from his Aunty and Uncle for Christmas, a big thumbs up from me as its not another toy!

I want my Hat Back By Jon Klassen. This hilarious book was a gift from the beautiful Dorn Family. The pages are creased and well loved by the whole family. We would love to get another of his books as they are so different, quirky and so so funny.

I’m looking forward to reading Roxy and Marlowe’s favourite books!

Liz x



‘A photo of my boys once a week, every week in 2015’


Wil – The boys found this worm in the aftermath of the floods. It was huge, The biggest one we have ever seen.

At home Vacy, NSW Australia.


Sonny – We were without power for 3 days during the floods. There was lots of early nights, simple dinners and scary stories by candlelight. The funniest scary stories I have every heard!

At Home, Vacy NSW Australia.


‘A photo of my boys once a week, every week in 2015’


Wil – Amongst the mess, he sits and reads in the best seat in the house.

At home Vacy, NSW Australia.


Sonny – An afternoon ride on the motorbike track. We are so lucky to have this space for the kids to explore right at our back door.

At home Vacy, NSW Australia.

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I’m back!!

Its been too long in between visits once again! But no internet connection at our new shouse (shed house) is proving to be difficult for me to keep up with this beautiful little space. Thank god for my beautiful girl Lauren for keeping this online journal rolling. Now hold on to your socks, you are about to be bombarded with posts! Enjoy x

‘A photo of my boys, once a week every week in 2015’


Wil – Serving milkshakes and scones from his café.

At home Vacy, NSW Australia.


Sonny – Hes like a mountain goat, always climbing.

At home Vacy,NSW Australia.

Linking up with Jodi.

Liz x



“A photo of my boys, once a week, every week in 2015”

Wil – My favourite photo of him so far this year.

Corlette NSW, Australia.


Sonny – My little shark riding in the shallows.

Corlette NSW, Australia.

Liz x



“A portrait of my boys once a week, every week in 2015”

Wil – The joy of a new book for my little book worm. Wil loves reading everything. I love hearing him giggling away whilst reading its the best sounds ever.

At home Vacy NSW, Australia.

DSC_0041Sonny – Planting snow peas at Maitland Taste festival.

Maitland NSW, Australia.

Liz x


Im playing catch up after many weeks with no internet, unfortunately there does not look as though it will be connected any time soon….arrrgh!DSC_0035

“A portrait of my boys once a week, every week in 2015”

Wil – taking a quite moment in the teepee.

Maitland NSW, Australia.


Sonny – looking pretty comfy nestled into the beanbag. I love the soft glow from the tv on his face. Not the best photo, but low light photography is something I need to work on.

Vacy NSW, Australia.

Liz x