Sisters : May

sisters may web

First time walking together and holding hands

surely not the last

(I obviously can’t take the credit for this shot, that goes to mum)

Bolton Abbey, Skipton, United Kingdom



Sisters : January

I’m going to make sure I post a picture of the girls together once a month to try to get a sense of their growing relationship.  With Marlowe now on the move its certainly shifting more towards playing with each other, she wants to be anywhere that Roxy is and play with everything Roxy is playing with, not always to Roxy’s enjoyment! Roxy regularly walks into me with armful of toys she doesn’t want Marlowe to get a hold of and the pitter patter of Marlowe crawling behind is never far away.

sisters january

Sisters who swing together…….

23rd January 2016

Friarwood Valley Gardens, Pontefract, United Kingdom



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 44 Roxy web

Roxy – morning shadows and light and bubbles, lots of bubbles

week 44 Marlowe web

Marlowe –  not a lot of photos of this one this week due to severe ear infections ( so this is an iPhone one)! She has not been her smiley self.

Get better soon my Marshie.

Lochinvar, NSW, Australia



I am really behind!

I planned on posting my photos while we were on holidays but sick kids and general busy-ness meant there was no time to sit at a computer! So prepare to be bombarded.

a portrait of my girls once a week every week

week 40 roxy webRoxy – first day at Nan’s!  playing in Roxy’s Cafe World which evolved over time to be Roxy’s Rainbow Cafe World.The menu consisted of chicken nuggets and fish fingers and chips, strawberry pancakes, ice cream, juice and flat whites.

week 40 roxy fort 1 web

My family built Roxy a fort at Mums ( Roxy’s rainbow cafe world). It’s so great and in a beautiful shaded and peaceful spot. And what kid doesn’t need a David Bowie face hole to complete their fort ( an homage to dad). week 40 roxy fort 2 web

week 40 marlowe web

Marlowe – matching her shirt to her beach towel, taking in the scenery and the jet lag.

Nan’s House, Lochinvar, NSW, Australia



week 17R WEB

‘ a portrait of my girls oncd a week every week’

Roxy- a trip to Tropical World to see the butterflies followed by a trip to the park, a morning for Roxy and she loved it.

Spring is slowly making an appearance

Roundhay Park, Leeds, United Kingdom

week 17M WEB

Marlowe- those eyes and those lips

this one will suit blue like her sister

Marlowes Cot, Pontefract, United Kingdom

week 17.2M WEB

Starting to get some cheeky smiles, they are hard to catch though!