Lauren’s 52 Project

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WOW, so I made it all the way to week 52.

I feel a little sad and excited, the year has gone so fast.

I started the year with a 2 year old and a bump and ended with a 3 year old and an almost crawling baby. Its been a busy year and I am honoured to be mum to these 2 girls. They take up 99% of my time and although sometimes I definitely need more than 1% of my time for me, I wouldn’t change it. I am their mum.

I’m so happy to have these simple home moments documented throughout the course of the 2015. Thanks to Liz, my partner in crime for suggesting it.

┬áMost of my ’52 project’ photos are taken at home, that is where we spend our time, this is where they develop and learn.

Im so proud these two cheeky, loving, beautiful, delicate and crazy girls are mine, I hope I’ve been able to capture some of their amazing qualities in these photos.

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Not sure what we have planned for ‘from opposite ends’ for 2016… maybe no 52 Project but im planning to keep up the photos and the posts.

Thanks for reading.

Happy 2016!



My Unit

I have so much love for my little family unit. A side effect of being over here for so long and having kids over here away from family and lots of our closest friends is how dependent we become on each other and very independent of anyone else. We miss home and the people associated with it dearly, some days so much it hurts and we are getting closer and closer to making the decision to move back, BUT most days this is all I need.

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