Lauren’s 52 Project

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WOW, so I made it all the way to week 52.

I feel a little sad and excited, the year has gone so fast.

I started the year with a 2 year old and a bump and ended with a 3 year old and an almost crawling baby. Its been a busy year and I am honoured to be mum to these 2 girls. They take up 99% of my time and although sometimes I definitely need more than 1% of my time for me, I wouldn’t change it. I am their mum.

I’m so happy to have these simple home moments documented throughout the course of the 2015. Thanks to Liz, my partner in crime for suggesting it.

 Most of my ’52 project’ photos are taken at home, that is where we spend our time, this is where they develop and learn.

Im so proud these two cheeky, loving, beautiful, delicate and crazy girls are mine, I hope I’ve been able to capture some of their amazing qualities in these photos.

back cover

Not sure what we have planned for ‘from opposite ends’ for 2016… maybe no 52 Project but im planning to keep up the photos and the posts.

Thanks for reading.

Happy 2016!




a portrait of my girls once a week every week

week 52 roxy web

Roxy – easy post christmas mornings, staying in our pjs, drinking coffees and reading books

Roxy amazes me at how many animals she knows and she learns so fast. Her ability to retain information is incredible.

She slept with her plaits in last night to make sure her hair was ‘nice and beautiful and wavy’

week 52 marlowe.2 web

Marlowe – another book worm

We have been in quarantine this week (again), Marlowe has had Hand, Foot and Mouth, not the way her first christmas was planned but she was still happy and amazed by all the toys and attention.



a portrait of my girls once a week every week

week51 Roxy web

Roxy – my little independent baker

 making cookies for christmas for all her nursery teachers

she loves learning about the ingredients and telling everyone whats in them, but her favourite bit is of course licking the beaters!

week51 Roxy outake web

week51 Marlowe web

Marlowe – her sick little eyes

 both girls have had severe tonsillitis this week so we have been a bit of a sad household, thankfully we are on the mend now. Hoping for a germ free few months now cause we have had our fair share of them lately!

It is also not lost on me that Marlowe is wearing these bonds zippies in a lot of the weekly photos! They are so good though and if we aren’t leaving the house she is so much more comfortable in her pjs all day…… aren’t we all!

Home, Pontefract, West Yorkshire



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week50 Roxy web

Roxy – a brief moment of still

sometimes her beauty takes my breath away

week50 Marlowe  web

Marlowe – looking up at her big sister, trying desperately to crawl

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week49 Roxy and Marlowe web

Roxy and Marlowe – sisters, i love how I’ve managed to scatter a few joint photos of the girls throughout the year, they really do have a beautiful relationship developing .

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We are a very excited household for christmas this year, its Roxy’s first year of really understanding and being super excited and its obviously Marlowe’s first one. We don’t have the typical christmas filled with loads of family but we have lots of wonderful friends and a handful of family over here which is enough for us.

We won’t know what has hit us when we do eventually move home and have a big Australian christmas. Ill miss the cold and cosy nights around the tree.

and wow there are only 3 posts left for the year!

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 48 Roxy web

Roxy – picking ‘cherries’ from the tree out the front

we don’t actually know what they are or if they are edible

week 48 Marlowe web

Marlowe –  peeking out

looking oh so cute after bath-time

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 47 Roxy web

Roxy – concentration

we haven’t sat and painted in ages

painting a flower with a blue stem and pink petals

we have pretty much been inside for a week as this one has had tonsillitis and a chest infection and now of course Marlowe has it, would love a sickness free month please december

week 47 Marlowe web

Marlowe – ‘mummy don’t leave me here the aloe vera is going to attack’

our aloe really has gone wild

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom