A photo of my boys once a week, every week in 2015′

DSC_0349Wil – We visited Treetop Adventures during the school holidays. The kids loved every second. Especially Wil he powered through it all  with so much confidence.

Minmi NSW Australia

DSC_0357Sonny – Surprisingly this little dare devil was not that keen to start with. It only took him 10 minutes then he was doing the hardest stages like a pro!

Minmi NSW Australia

Liz x



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 30 Roxy web

Roxy- pond dipping, we got lots of pond weed and a few insects but it was fun

Fairburn Ings, Fairburn, United Kingdom

week 30 Marlowe web

Marlowe – unavoidably kissable

( photo credit to Nan)

Benningborough Hall, York, United Kingdom



a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

week 29 Roxy web

Roxy- watermelons, palm trees and pineapples, dreaming of tropical weather

Home, pontefract, United Kingdom

week 28 Marlowe web

Marlowe – I don’t get sick of taking photos of these baby blues, and a bib is a much required accessory at the moment….. Teeth maybe…..

Home, Pontefract, United Kingdom