Hello 2016

Well its over 3 weeks into 2016 already, I hope it’s not a sign of the speed of the year to come! Its been a little strange not doing The 52 Week Project posts, I’m still not sure what will be best to do to make sure I keep up the regular photos! I think I’ll do monthly posts of a photo of the girls together and will see what takes my fancy or what inspires me beyond that!

2016 has brought so far a crawling baby, more winter colds and flu, a husband away for 8 days and a new camera. Its been busy but more the staying at home kind of busy!

Im super keen to get more use of my new camera, I love it already and have only had it a week, as the year went on I was getting less and less happy with the quality I was getting from my photos so I’m hoping for more sharpness, especially at lower lights as I take a lot of my photos indoors and lets face it there isn’t a lot of great natural light over here at the moment!

So like my 2015 weekly posts here are a couple of photos of the girls.

Roxy and Marlowe January web

Sisters- wherever Roxy goes Marlowe is close behind. She adores her big sister. Roxy is getting ready to open the cafe.

January 18th

Roxy January web

Roxy – Still totally in love with dressing up, this was her serving at Roxy Rapunzels Cafe, I think I got served a carrot a tomato and a sparkling water, can’t say its the most inspiring menu I’ve ever encountered but the exceptional service will ensure my return!

January 18th 

Marlowe january web

Marlowe- there is nothing stopping her now. My baby doesn’t feel like such a baby anymore, from crawling to climbing she is learning new tricks every day.

January 22nd 



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